Music Quiz for Lotus Kids’ Club

On Friday 19th February 2016 we held one of our regular fundraiser nights, a music quiz and raffle for Lotus Kids’ Club, LKC. It was a fun night as you can see from our photos of the night in the gallery below, and thanks to the accompanying raffle with prizes donated from generous local businesses US$213.25 was raised for LKC from the entrance fees and raffle ticket sales.

19th February 2016 Raffle Prize List1
Our full raffle prize list for our music quiz; all prizes donated by generous local businesses!


Lotus Kids Club serves poor underprivileged communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is funded by the Senhoa Foundation. Lotus Kids Club does not have a website or active facebook page of its own to ensure privacy for the children and families they work with so here’s a little information from their information leaflet:

Lotus Kids Club provides a comprehensive program serving children and their families in the Samaki community. Programs include early childhood development of learning through play; twice daily nutritious snacks; basic Khmer literacy and numeracy; medical checks; full vaccinations and dental checkups as well as support for their families such as food packages; vocational training placements; microloans; and access to English and computer classes. They seek to address the core factors that contribute to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They aim to combat these factors by providing access to education, job opportunities, skill training and health care. Lotus Kids’ Club hopes to greatly reduce or eliminate the incidences of human trafficking and raise the standards of living for the communities they serve.

We were happy to help raise the money towards the day to day expenses of Lotus Kids Club and everyone had a good time in the process.

19th February 2016 - Thank you poster for sponsors
Thank you to our generous, local business, raffle prize sponsors!


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